Boothbay Harbor Weather and Tide Chart Links

There is an old Maine expression, “if you don’t like the weather in Maine, stay another day.” While Maine’s coastal weather is a source of great discussion amongst locals, it also provides spectacular change of season. Spring is a bright season of garden rebirth around Boothbay, while summer brings warm days by the water and cool evenings with often star filled skies. Fall is a fantastic with a burst of colorful leaves on the maple, birch, elm and oak trees that line Boothbay’s streets and waterfront. Winter is cool, quiet and calm with occasional dustings of snow on the shores of the brilliant blue harbor. Our Maine tides ebb and flow up to 11 feet, so it’s best to consult the tide chart before any beach and boating activity. [b][url=]Tide Charts[/url] [url=]The Weather Channel [/url][/b]